Speedcoat Europe Ltd
We at Speedcoat Europe Ltd are specialists in caravan and motorhome shower tray repairs. We can make your bathroom look like new again! Our company SPEEDCOAT Europe Ltd. is sisters with SPEEDLINER Europe Ltd. the most successful, longest established, company that specialise in spray liner systems, which are available in the UK and Europe. We are becoming reknown for our excellent products and services – we couldn’t be prouder with our fantastic reputation!

We as a company, including all our Dealers / Application Centres whicg we have under our belt, have previously carried out successful repair spray coating applications to cracked and damaged shower trays in caravans, motorhomes and static caravan homes. Our product SPEEDLINER EURO HC is an anti-bacterial, anti-microbial spray polymer product which provides a tough, thick, flexible coating on your shower tray. We fully guarantee our products as they has been independently laboratory tested and verified to out perform most other types of polymer spray-on liner products..

Quite a lot of our Dealers / Application Centres are also able to carry out coating applications using our SPEEDLINER EURO HS to leaking roofs, side sills, steps and towing caravan front panels. It is a standard tough and durable polymer spray liner product. We have the facilities to customise the product by giving it a desired colour that you love too.

Do you have a cracked or broken shower tray in caravan or motorhome? We know more than most that it is a inherent problem. Every year there are more and more ‘pre-owned’ vehicles sold and exchanged that most likely has a cracked shower tray that has not been repaired or replaced due to either being too expensive or the particular unit is no longer available etc. With this in mind we set out to provide a life long guaranteed repair system and to be able to return your shower tray / bathroom to its essential useful service. From the begining, we also aimed to provide our product to ALL those that are in need of it, so we are here for you no matter where you live, as we are a nationwide business.

We are offering a comprehensive dealer package to trained applicators throughout the UK and Europe for those professionals and business’s who wish to offer this unique repair system to their own cleints.

We are proud registered members of the National Caravan Council. We must also mention that our products are used exclusively by SPEEDCOAT Europe Ltd and is only supplied to trained and authorised SPEEDCOAT Europe Ltd dealers / applicators. Our product is not available for DIY use.

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us for further information on any of our services or products – we would love to hear from you! We can also help find your local authorised Speedcoat Europe Dealer / Applicator too. Alternatively you can visit our social media page to hear about our latest projects and news.