Here at Protec Covers are renowned manufacturers of full caravan and motorhome covers with an exclusive Easy-Fit® system as standard. Putting a cover on a large leisure vehicle without an Easy-Fit® system can be very tricky and frustrating – it’s like trying to put a hat on a giant as you have to lift the entire cover above the roof of your vehicle since it is usually a one fixed piece, however, installing one of our covers could not be easier!

Customers have said how much they love our covers! They, too, have expressed frustrations about the challenges of putting on a cover, which is why we set about designing a system different from anything else on the market. The Easy-Fit® system is a registered design owned by us. Other brands have tried to copy us and use their similar version, but ours is the original and the best!

Rather than being a one fixed piece, our covers include a liftable back panel which rolls up, meaning you don’t have to lift the cover high over the top. You simply slide the cover down over your vehicle as quickly as you would putting on socks. Once the cover for your motorhome or caravan is fitted, you roll the rear panel back into place, secure it with the industrial-strength velcro, and clip the buckles together – easy! We have also reinforced the Easy-Fit® panel with non-rip material, which is scientifically proven to be the most breathable fabric on the market! (click the link to find out more Protec Covers vs. Specialised Covers – Science Decides – Protec Covers ( It gives your caravan or motorhome the ultimate protection with minimal fuss.


  •  Waterproof Covers For Caravans Prevent Costly Repairs
  • Exclusive Easy-Fit System Makes Cover Super Easy To Fit
  • Protects Against UV Fading, Dirt, Tree Sap & Bird Droppings
  • Breathable Covers Prevent Condensation Build-Up & Rust
  • Designed & Manufactured in the UK
  • Tested By Industries Biggest Names
  • Door Access As Standard
  • Tailored Covers Offer a Perfect Fit
  • Choose From 3 Classic Colours & Optional Personalised Logo
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Free Shipping


The caravan season can’t last forever, and the winter months are cold and harsh. If your caravan stays uncovered during the off-season, you leave your pride and joy open to damage from the elements that could depreciate your caravan’s value.

Our exclusive Protec full waterproof covers will protect your vehicle at a fraction of the price of costly repairs.


Protec full covers give you the ultimate protection for your caravan through innovative design and premium quality materials.

Our unique Easy-Fit® system makes fitting our covers far easier than any of our competitors.

The liftable rear panel rolls up and lets you slide your cover down your caravan in minutes. Once the cover is in place, roll the back panel down and secure it with the attached velcro and straps.

Each breathable cover we produce is tailored to specific caravan makes, models, and their year of manufacture to ensure a perfect fit. Ill-fitting cheap caravan covers can move around in the wind and cause damage to the exterior.


Our exclusive water-resistant PROTEX003 fabric (click the link to find out more Protec Covers vs. Specialised Covers – Science Decides – Protec Covers ( ) is designed and manufactured in the UK from three layers of quality materials. The outer layer repels rainwater as it lands and is UV protected to make sure your cover looks new for longer.

The central core is our patented breathable membrane which lets your caravan breathe and avoids potentially damaging condensation build-up, while the soft inner layer protects your caravan’s exterior. The lightweight fabric means the covers weigh approximately 8kg (depending on the size of your vehicle).

A Protec premium cover will protect your vehicle from rain, snow, sun, dust, dirt, tree sap, UV fading, bird droppings, and help prevent rust.

All our full covers come with door access as standard, and we can accommodate all your other accessories and attachments.

We can add a perspex solar panel window with a few simple measurements or add allowances for your satellite dish, awning (integrated), air conditioning unit, gas flue, aerial, or bicycle rack.

We have three classic colours to choose from (green, grey, and blue), and you can add a personal touch to your cover with a customised logo of your choice. We have single-colour or full-colour logos for the ultimate premium look.



We designed the Protec Towing Jacket to protect the front of your caravan whilst in transit. This bespoke cover will provide excellent protection against road dirt and grime, bug splatter and exhaust fume stains, meaning that when you arrive at your destination, the Towing Jacket can be removed to reveal a gleaming ‘van. Put your feet up and enjoy a glass of something cold instead of tackling all the dirt that was thrown up against the front of your ‘van on the last mile of your journey.

Our Jackets can save you money. Stone chips can sometimes be polished out, but often a specialist repair is needed. If you’ve ever been unlucky enough to have a cracked window, you know it’s not a cheap job to replace one. On top of this, you may even receive a higher resale value when it’s time to trade up for a newer model.


  • Stone chips
  • Dirt & insects
  • Black exhaust marks
  • Road grime

The Towing Jacket is a unique 2-piece construction. Each of the two halves slide up into the awning channels and then simply zip together in the middle. Our trials have revealed that one person can easily fit the Towing Jacket in under a minute!

The Protec Towing Jacket meets all legal requirements for visibility of your front lights. It is tailored to your specific make and model of caravan, meaning that we know exactly where your front marker lights are located, and the Jacket is supplied with transparent panels in the correct position for your lights to be clearly seen through the Jacket.


  • Excellent protection against the elements.
  • Access to your Gas Locker Box without the need to remove the Jacket.
  • Optional access to your Grab Handles without the need to remove the Jacket.
  • The ability to have your front window uncovered without the need to remove the Jacket.
  • Double thickness bottom panels, where the majority of stone impacts may occur.
  • Exceptional ease of fitment and use of the access features.
  • Constructed from our exclusive, British manufactured fabric.
  • Guaranteed not to scratch or mark your caravan windows or paintwork.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information on any of our services – we would love to hear from you! Alternatively, you can visit our social media pages to hear about our latest stock, news and deals.

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