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We at Paintseal Direct are offering world class paint & fabric protection services.
We know how keeping your caravan and motorhome is challenging and a time consuming task. You may not know that the cleaning products you may normally use, can actually wear away the paint surface and over time, leave the exterior finish looking flat and old. And also, your interior fabrics will over time be under threat of staining which are nealy always noticeable and off putting, which in turn can become costly to replace. Well look no further! Paintseal Direct are offering PTFE based sealants for both exterior paint surface and interior fabrics, which seals and protects.

Once the sealants are applied, there is no need for you to further polish them, all they require is an easy clean to reveal that super glossy look and feel. The interior fabrics would become easy to clean aswell and will resist in the future any staining from accidental spillages etc. Our protective sealants are covered by a Nationwide fully supported 5 year Guarantee.

You can get any of our products by simply calling our offices – once your order has been taken, we will arrange application at your home address, or if you have just purchased a vehicle from one of our supporting dealers, then we can arrange to apply the treatment (on site) before you pick it up from the dealer.

Our prices are the same Nationwide even if you purchase from us direct or through one of our supporting dealers. The quality of products and application are always of the highest quality. Our specialist team has many years experience and has gained a fantastic reputation for their work – we are the number one choice when it comes to Paint & Fabric Protection!

However we must say that our protective products are not available to purchase as DIY.

When you buy a new caravan or motorhome, the paint surface has a series of peaks & troughs, which sadly provides the perfect surface for dirt to get into. And even with washing the peaks over time will get worn down, and dirt will become more difficult to remove. Even the black streaks on the roofline and windows have troughs, and when you polish them, you are effectively scratching them away. But with the application of the Paintseal exterior treatment will ensure that there will be no need to polish and with just a simple wash, it will make your caravan look great, and that the paint surface is protected. The treatment is an ultra strong PTFE Teflon that fills all the troughs and sits proud anround the peaks. This means that dirt and grime has virtually nothing to attach itself to. The treatment comes with a 5 year guarantee on new motorhomes, and 3 years on used motorhomes.

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us for more information – we are here to help!

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