Designed in 2013, we have built a mobile motorised step that would give independence back to those with disabilities, especially around the home and in their active lives.
Motorstep is a family run business and our background is industrial and electrical engineering, We own the worldwide patent and license for Motorstep which is a fully trademarked and a CE licensed product.
The Motorstep stand on step lift is specifically designed to help get up and down a step with ease and confidence giving independence to the user and their families.
There is nothing on the market which is as portable and with a quick set up time that will lift you from as low as 40mm to as high as 600mm in a maximum of 25 seconds. Conveniently situated push buttons make operation safe an easy.
Motorstep requires NO alterations to you vehicle or home and is completely free standing.
Ideal for RV/Caravan/Motorhome/Travel Trailer/Home, indoors and outdoors – it is changing the lives of those who own them.