Motor Step

We at Motor Step are UK manufacturers of caravan, motorhome, RV and home portable step lifts for people with disabilities. Our step lifts are perfectly designed to help people with disabilities and those that need a little bit of extra help, easily and effortlessly overcome a problem step. All the user simply has to do is step onto the platform and using the conveniently located controls at the top of the device, they can raise or lower themselves to a height they want, whether that be on a Caravan or Motorhome, an RV or Travel Trailer, 5th Wheel, Static Home or Static Caravan or anywhere around the home.

Our lifts are very affordable and user friendly which in turn have changed people’s lives for the better in their Home or on their travels. It gives people so much confidence knowing they can now access those hard to reach areas with ease and letting them continue doing the activities they love! As an added bonus, our Motorstep lifts require no alterations to a vehicle or home as they are completely free standing.

We have 2 lifts available in two sizes and specifications. We have the MS600 range which has a lift height of 24 inches (600mm) and we also have the MS800 which has a lift height of 32 inches (800mm). They both however have a step on height of just 1.5 inches (40mm). You can set them up in seconds and once used, they can be easily unplugged and be folded up for storage. They are fitted with wheels to help you easily roll it into the place you need and the removable master key stop’s unwanted use. Each lift is fully weatherproof so you can use it in both rain and shine. They can even be left outside if you wanted to, in any weather whilst the fitted security eyebolt stops any theft from happening. The lifts are fitted with safety edges around the platform, they have an emergency hand wind socket built in to the control column which allows you to manually operate the platform in the event of a power failure on your vehicle or in your home. Plus they are also fitted with sturdy legs and a slip proof platform. Our lifts are able to lift a person up to 20st/125kg/280lbs in weight.

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us for further information on any of our services – we would love to hear from you! Alternatively you can visit our social media pages to hear about our latest news and deals or you can watch some of our videos on YouTube.