Cobb (GB) Ltd

The Cobb is a compact, portable, versatile, energy efficient cooker that perfectly complements the lifestyle of an outdoor enthusiast or a home entertainer.
The simplest dish can be cooked on the Cobb, but the Cobb can also liberate the chef in you, to cook the most elaborate dishes, anywhere anytime.
The design of the Cobb portable cooker originated with safety in mind. An innovation straight out of Africa, the Cobb was initially designed as a cooking system for people in rural areas who had no access to electricity. The Cobb allowed for safe cooking with minimal risk of dangerous fires. The first prototype of the Cobb cooker was a ceramic sphere-shape device that cooked well, but was heavy and cumbersome. The initial fuel source for the Cobb was dry corn cobs, abundant in rural Africa, hence the grill’s name. The Cobb cooker has been refined over and over and the result is a small, eco-friendly, portable and incredibly efficient cooker, allowing you to cook anything, anywhere, anytime.