Ekollon Limited

We at Ekollon Limited are the official UK distributor for MAD Suspension Products. Our helper springs are the solution for heavy loads for cars, trailing caravans, camper vans, motorhomes, vans and vehicles with bike racks. Caravans and motorhomes are a great way to on holiday with but if your vehicle is loaded up especially with a bike rack on the back or your car is trailing your caravan behind then it could put real pressure on your rear suspension. This in turn can reduce grip from the front tyres and make the vehicle itself become unstable. So if your vehicle is carrying a heavy load and is at risk of ruining its suspension, then our powerful helper springs from MAD should be your first choice!

Our helper springs, also known as ‘auxiliary springs’ or ‘spring assistors’, are an extra pair of springs fitted next to or inside your existing springs in your vehicle. They help your original spring bear the extra weight and improve your vehicles driving comfortability, steering, traction, and above all its safety. You wouldn’t normally know that there was a problem as driving wouldn’t feel any difference to normal, but with extra added weight or a caravan attached, it will begin to sag and the helper springs would become stiffer. However with our products, they will keep the rear from sagging. We must say that sometimes, it might be best to get a a replacement spring due to the design of the rear suspension, but our solutions work in the same way as the OE spring and helper spring combined; they are soft in the first part of travel then can stiffen up when it needs to when more weight is added.

Our Air helper spring kits, which are also known as ‘semi-air conversions’, ‘air assisters’ and ‘air bags’, come in two basic types – ‘RED’ which sits inside the OE coil spring and then theres ‘BLACK’ which sits between the axle and chassis rail. Red air bags are typically fitted on coil springs in cars, vans and pickups and can come with an on-board compressor mounted in the boot area, which you can use your own or make use of one at a fuel station. Whereas Black air bags are fitted to leaf springs in vans and pickups and can be supplied as either: a Air Master Basic (bags, airlines & Schrader valve), a Air Mast Comfort (which also includes a compressor & pressure gauges), or a Air Master Automatic (which also has self-levelling).

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us for further information on any of our services – we would love to hear from you! Alternatively you can visit our social media pages to hear about our latest products, news and deals, or you can watch some of our videos on YouTube.